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Gratitude Challenge: The Final Week


I'll be writing every single day in November (the month of thankfulness) on different gratitude prompts and updating the blog here weekly. For more information and if you want to join and read the prompts yourself, go visit @positivelypresent on instagram. If you join the challenge, I'd love to see how you explore gratitude in your life as well! Tag me on instagram or facebook when you share!

Gratitude Challenge Day 22: Memories

For someone who is building a business philosophy around living in the moment, I certainly do cherish memories, especially around the holidays. This year, I'm not going too far back in time at all and just reminiscing about last year's holiday season in Switzerland with family. It seems like I was there yesterday and I hope it will feel like tomorrow when I'm there again.

Gratitude Challenge Day 23: Color

While I tend to wear more neutral colors and jewel tones and prefer a more neutral/minimalistic home environment, I love to experiment with color from a branding perspective for my clients. Crafting brand imagery that evokes certain emotions and behaviors in a customer or client is a powerful marketing tool.

Gratitude Challenge Day 24: Love

I hate to be that girl, but something that's become really apparent this year for me is love languages. Speaking your love language and hearing it are 2 very different things. Not everyone gives love in the same way that they want to receive it. And in a COVID-era, when 2 love languages are difficult to actualize (touch and quality-time), you have to be meaningful and creative.

Gratitude Challenge Day 25: Wisdom

"Never pour from an empty cup."

We've heard this phrase in different iterations many times over and it's true. You can't be giving physically (and even more-so emotionally) to anyone else when you are drained. It's as simple as putting on your own oxygen mask first before you help others around you.

Gratitude Challenge Day 26: Family

Up until last year, I hadn't celebrated holidays with my dad's side of the family - ever. It's kind of difficult when you live halfway around the world from your loved ones. Last Christmas was particularly special for this reason to spend time with family, to sit at a table, sing carols, have good conversation and eat delicious food is something I cherish. But it's doing it with family that makes it special.

Gratitude Challenge Day 27: Progress

I don't view life as a race, but I still measure myself up against where I was 6 months, a year to 2 years ago. There are days when I feel like I'm moving backwards, but then I think how far I've come from when I was in undergrad, or getting my master's, when I designed my first product packaging, or wrote my first blog post or set up my first farmers market display. I've learned SO MUCH!

Gratitude Challenge Day 28: Time

My most-valued commodity. I actually had a fit over time this week because I had spent so much on an activity that had a different outcome than expected. Nonetheless, I accept what happens each day when I "run out of time." I think my main resolution next year will be to maintain better time management habits, but not to get disappointed or frustrated when time gets away from me.

Gratitude Challenge Day 29: Curiosity

This world is so big. So much time has passed and there is much time before us. Endless are the possibilities to learn. Lately, I love watching Rick Steve's Europe or Nature on PBS. It's probably part of my escapist personality, but I'm content for now exploring the world from my couch until IRL exploration is recommended again.

Gratitude Challenge Day 30: Self-Love

I'm a self-proclaimed "tough cookie." I can be very critical of my self - I guess it comes with the territory of being Type A and a virgo sun. But over the past 2 years, I've tried to be as unedited, unapologetically me as possible. I hope you're enjoying it. Actually no, I don't care. I love me and that's the point, isn't it? ;) Just kidding, I still care that I'm providing valuable, relatable content but I'm learning to love the flops and flaws in between the wins and wonders.


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