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I'm Ciara.

It's nice to meet you.

I'm a mindfulness in marketing strategist, which means I help brands leverage their resources into the creation of impactful content marketing that connects with customers.

During my Masters degree studies at Boston University, I attended a lecture which discussed the importance of learning from the past and preparing for the future so that business operations in the present can be optimal.

With a background in holistic wellness and Reiki, I resonated with the idea of focusing on the present, without getting encumbered by all the challenges that come with extending the scope of time into your awareness of the NOW. Remaining conscientious and present in awareness can be difficult but I have learned to make it a priority through all that I have experienced.  

PURE is based on the principle of the now and utilizing resources and expertise within reach to achieve your business's goals, all so you can have more time to go after the things you truly love. For me, it's this:


Over time, I've grown my clientele to include health and wellness coaches, artists, professional chefs, restaurant brands, social enterprise organizations and much more. I design, develop, and execute profitable marketing strategy tailored to your company's specific goals. Marketing and brand strategy should not be a struggle. It should bring people together. I'm here to make it simply creative. (So you have more time to get back to doing whatever it is that keeps you happy and mindful.)    

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