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Here I am in my element.  Front porch, late summer afternoons, tending to the herbs and reading.

Growing up in the Boston area, academics were always at the forefront of my focus.  I never had to be told to do my homework or study aside from a little external push to start those larger and more intimidating book reports early.  Wellness, however, was always a side dish to my 'plate.'  From starting the yoga and meditation club at my athletics-focused high school, to cooking and bringing lunch everyday throughout graduate school, I've spent a lot of time thinking and learning about how to feel my best.  

It's no wonder that the idea for PURE was born in a university business philosophy lecture about Past, Present, and Future. The discussion that day was about how can businesses use strategy and manage change in light of the scale of time to simply, do business?  Really, this concept applies to many, if not all, human and life processes. It struck me that the present is truly a joint effort of the past and the future. Applied to wellness, based on our past and our immediate future, we can work to feel as best we can in the fleeting present moment. A mindset, made up of Past and futURE- it's PURE! Essentially, you need your business to be "well" to be "healthy."

At that time I was developing a deeper understanding of Reiki which I was first introduced to about 10 years ago.  After some more stressful transitions in and out of jobs and professional projects where I just couldn't sustain a grounded footing, I learned to use the principles of Reiki in my everyday life.  Remaining conscientious and present in awareness can be difficult but I have learned to make it a priority through all that I have experienced.  

I truly have a passion for learning, teaching, and helping others and sharing the ways of mindfulness, especially in business.  I hold a Masters degree in Management from Boston University and a BS in Environmental Studies and Economics from Northeastern University.  I am now Reiki 2nd degree trained and hold a certificate in Holistic Health Coaching at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition.  


Over time, I've grown my clientele to include health and wellness coaches, artists, professional chefs, restaurant brands, social enterprise organizations and much more. I design, develop, and execute profitable marketing strategy tailored to your company's specific goals. Marketing and brand strategy should not be a struggle. It should bring people together. I'm here to make it simply creative. (So you have more time to get back to doing whatever it is that keeps you happy and mindful.)    





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