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Gratitude Challenge: Week 2

Here we go! Week 2!


I'll be writing every single day in November (the month of thankfulness) on different gratitude prompts and updating the blog here weekly. For more information and if you want to join and read the prompts yourself, go visit @positivelypresent on instagram. If you join the challenge, I'd love to see how you explore gratitude in your life as well! Tag me on instagram or facebook when you share!

Gratitude Challenge Day 8: Home

If there's anywhere I'd want to be if I'm not out in nature or traveling, it's home. I am a HUGE homebody and am quite thankful this year for the excuse to spend even more time AT HOME. I'm the in pajamas by 7pm chick and quarantine has certainly allowed for and even made that type of behavior more socially acceptable. No doubt though, I have wondered if 'home' were in a different place, how would I feel? What would that change? I might be a homebody but I'm not attached to my current living situation. I believe home can be made anywhere.

Gratitude Challenge Day 9: Friendship

In a year when many are re-evaluating relationships, I am seeing that there's something to be learned from everyone in one's life at different times. Sometimes you're learning from someone, sometimes they're learning from you. We all have something to learn, something to give and with patience we see those insights. That realization is what I'm thankful for this year.

Gratitude Challenge Day 10: Music

I love music for its ability to transport the listener to different times and places. I've been using music for this purpose over the past few months, making playlists for every month that get shared in my newsletter. Subscribe here. It's what I'm listening to in the moment and inspired by what I'm hearing and feeling.

Gratitude Challenge Day 11: Creativity

"Creativity is intelligence having fun." -Albert Einstein

I have a ridiculous amount of fun when I can flex my creative muscle. I make myself laugh, I surprise myself - it's just pure joy to discover and create. I am so appreciative of my outlets in which I can pursue creativity.

Gratitude Challenge Day 12: Dreams

Dreams are a beautiful thing. I recently saw something that said normal people are 60% water, virgos are 100% escapism. Yeah, that's me. Whether I'm sleep dreaming or day dreaming, my mind is always working out different scenarios. It's a good way to stay inspired as long as I don't set myself up for too much disappointment - believe me, that's happened.

Gratitude Challenge Day 13: Kindness

How I live on a day to day basis (or at least try to): kindness toward myself and others. It's all about giving and receiving kindness. People won't remember what you did in the moment, but they will remember how you made them feel - I believe that's what kindness is.

Gratitude Challenge Day 14: Change

I am definitely a routine person, but I'm sure not afraid of change. When I was in school, I always said that I wanted a career in which I could do something different every day, staying clear of paths that would lead me into ruts. Now, acknowledging the fact that no 2 days of my week are alike which is both a blessing and a curse, I think it has gotten me to a place of agility where I'm not strictly rigid to particular daily habits and mindlessness. The amount of daily change in my life makes it a lot easier for me to be mindful about my "routines" (if you can call them that, anymore).


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