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Shaking Off Winter Energy

As nature awakens from its slumber so too does our collection blossom with captivating designs inspired by the vibrant spirit of spring.

While the date on the calendar says we’re well into spring here in the northern hemisphere, feelings of winter seem to linger longer than we’d like. With each rainy spring day that passes, it might be easy to slip into feelings of being cooped up and needing to break free. But the “when will winter end??” mentality isn’t serving any particular purpose other than perpetuating the energy of the long winter (ahem, I mean spring).

How are you looking at that energy? The point is, what to do with that energy, that time. Transforming this period of waiting into something that serves your particular purpose whatever that may be.

Rainy days are great fuel for what will come. The water itself nourishes the budding sprouts in the soil to come forth and bloom in beautiful color. What will be your blooms? Are you writing a book? Are you in school? Are you creating a piece of art? Are you taking time for self-improvement?

Even if this time of waiting is a time of rest and recovery, notice the energy of this period as something supportive of your intention.


Each PURE Crystals bracelet or necklace is designed to inspire meaning and purpose. Wear crystals with the intention to support your early springtime ideals and ambitions.


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