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How To: Crystal Clearing

If you follow me over on Instagram, you probably know my love of crystals. I recently went on a green calcite kick after I read that it can work as an emotional anti-inflammatory to cool negative emotions and is a great stone for manifesting in the way that it aids in communication and the articulation of your desires.

I also learned, however, that calcite is super absorbent of surrounding energies and must be cleansed more frequently than other crystals. Since full moon happens roughly only every 30 days, I've been prompted to explore other methods.

Here's a quick roundup of several different ways to clear your crystals.

Give your crystals a bath

Cleanse crystals in a stream of cool, running water. Some crystals like lapis lazuli, selenite, calcite, malachite, and fluorite should not be cleansed in water. Read up on the properties of each of your crystals before making a decision to run water over them.

Use intention

Hold any crystal and sincerely intend that any negative energy be absolved.

Smudge with sage

Use a sage smudge or burn incense to clear the crystal. This works great if you have a particularly large collection!

Place on a selenite slab

Use self-clearing crystals like selenite or amethyst clusters to cleanse crystals by placing them together or in close proximity. The self-clearing crystals will absorb and expel the negative energies.

Play music

Use sound frequency therapy on your crystals. Play a Tibetan singing bowl or musical instrument to help bring the crystal to its original higher healing vibration.

Let them see the stars

Clear crystals in yin moon energy. The full moon is most powerful. Place crystals outside at night or on a windowsill in the pleasant moonbeam.

Practice Reiki

Reiki works to raise vibrations by imbuing crystals with pure and positive universal energy.


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