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7 Reasons Why I Travel

Some do it for the 'gram. Others, to escape.

Here are 7 reasons why I travel.

To break routine

Although I am far from doing the same thing everyday (as is the life of an entrepreneur), I can still get stuck in routine which can lead me to getting stuck in my head. Changing location temporarily can relieve that feeling of being caught in the small world that is your own mind by preoccupying yourself with the here and the now.

To explore new natural environments

I'm a self-proclaimed nature nerd. I love to learn and experience different ecosystems and biomes. Anyone remember the 7 biomes from middle school ecology? Fun fact: I hold a B.S. in Environmental Studies.

To meet new people and hear new stories

I don't know if you've realized this, but there are A LOT of people out there when you look beyond your nose. Traveling is a chance to talk face to face with more of the 7.5+ billion people here that you just don't pass by locally. I think it's really interesting to hear the stories of local business owners or even fellow travelers.

To ponder history

Museums and special tours were never my favorite, but being from Boston (such a historical city), I ponder the way in which cities were established, what the locals did generations ago, how life was like in these areas without automobiles and public transit, and how they communicated with people in other cities and towns.

To taste new food

Ah yes! This reason is probably on most people's lists when it comes to travel. I really do love traveling not only to experience some new flavors while away, but I always return home with a new food idea. Whether it's something I ate in a restaurant or emphasis on something particular to the region, I'll start to incorporate these new ingredients and preparations at home.

To discover new lifestyles

We're high energy, and may I say a bit tightly-wound, here on the East coast. After saying "This is so weird!," for a few days in a new place, I fall in love with the friendliness, the freedom, and the "fashion of life." From laid back and relaxed to high energy bustle or small town to big city, I find appreciation in both the expanse of quiet in nature or the feeling of being part of some greater community of people in a busy city.

To become more present and grounded

Getting back to getting out of my head and tapping into my surroundings, in a new place I feel my feet planted firmly on the ground appreciating the energy of the universe and connecting to something greater than myself through positivity.


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