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What's an EMF? And can I eat one?

EMF, short for ElectroMagnetic Field, is the energy field associated with the range of vibrational energies of all living and nonliving things.

Can you eat one? No. Well, maybe.

Every person, animal, plant, and object in the universe has an electromagnetic field associated with it and is affected by the EMFs around as well. As humans, we experience a range of vibrational energies as measured by energy frequency MHz. The healthy human body ranges from 62 to 78 MHz. In a state of illness the range is 42-60 MHz. Death itself has a frequency of 25 MHz.

Overall, higher frequency encourages the human body to regenerate damaged cells and promotes the immune system and overall vitality. Maintaining a healthy frequency helps the body heal.

We are surrounded by all different frequencies throughout the day and are nearly directly affected positively and negatively by them. Let's try a quick thought experiment to demonstrate how this works.

Part 1

Imagine you've just spent an entire day in front of the computer, maybe at work, with your friend or colleague venting or complaining to you about some family issues. Then, on your way home, you get caught in some major traffic or even experience some road rage.

Now finally at home after a long day, imagine how your body might feel. Are you tired? Maybe your muscles feel a bit tight? I won't go on, so let's get positive...

Part 2

Now imagine you're spending an entire day in your favorite place. Is it the beach with soft waves crashing on the shore? Is it on top of a mountain with a cool breeze and the calm sun shining on your skin? Is it at the library in a comfortable chair with the wealth of knowledge from many amazing tomes? Or are you imagining yourself in yoga class moving in and out of empowering poses with calming music? What is it about this place or situation that makes it so great? Hopefully you're surrounded by loving people, or if you're preferring to be alone, then maybe there are some pleasant sounds, smells, and tastes that are lifting you up.

Now tune into your body. How are you feeling? Relaxed? Calm? Refreshed?

See the difference? That is, essentially, how the EMFs in your surroundings can temporarily alter the energy frequency level in your own body.

Certain substances have the ability to raise or lower your energy frequency more noticeably (like coffee and computers lower your frequency and rose essential oil and plants or healing crystals raise your frequency). Processed foods (MHz = 0), alcohol, and cigarettes can lower your frequency just the same as negative thoughts (MHz = -12). Positive thoughts (MHz = +10), prayer (MHz = +15), meditation, and consumption of fresh produce (MHz = 20 to 27) and healthy foods raises your frequency.

So although you can't eat an EMF, you can eat fresh foods to help raise your energy vibrations. Even better, essential oils have a wide range (from 52 to 580 MHz).

Stay tuned for more info about essential oils coming soon! And subscribe over on the contact page to get a copy of my Energy Frequency Basics guide!

With information from:

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