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Practitioner Perspectives: Nutrition Books

Welcome to Practitioner Perspectives - a new blog series where health coaches, fitness experts and other wellness professionals gather together to share their favorites.

This installment we're sharing our favorite nutrition books. Those that explain the benefits of real food, those that let you delve deeper into food as medicine and those that help you explore new ways of eating. Check out some of these recommended titles!

On Nutrition for Mental Health

"Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert - This book really helped me understand my ideas and how to make things happen. Mental nutrition is important too, so if you’re searching for your own path this is the book."

Laura Oconitrillo, You Can Eat CR

On Balancing Hormones

"The Hormone Reset Diet, Heal Your Metabolism by Sara Gottfried, M.D - This book teaches the reader what changes are happening in the body during menopause that cause weight gain and how to reset them by eating the right foods. I learned a lot from this book!"

Whole Body Nourishment

"How to Be Well by Dr. Frank Lipman - This is not ONLY a nutrition book per se (though the nutrition section gets the most attention). Readers learn how to nourish their bodies on and off the plate in this comprehensive, beautiful, and accessible guide to holistic health."

Caitlin Motta, Coach Caitie

Food and TCM

"For any person even the slightest bit interested in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), Paul Pitchford's Healing with Whole Foods will have you hooked. This tome is my #1 nutrition reference book and I've spent countless hours looking up health conditions, cross-referencing food-organ connections and reading about new ways to prepare foods in this book."

Ciara Ripperger, PURE Wellness by Ciara

Food for Pain Management

"Joe Tatta’s book, Heal Your Pain Now - He is very well educated and lays out an easy to follow plan to help you reduce your pain with nutrition, movement and mindset."

Christine Robenalt, emPOWERme P.T.


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