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I gave up chocolate (and it wasn't even Lent)!

If you've ever been around me post-lunchtime, you know that within 30 minutes of finishing a savory meal, I go right to the dark chocolate. For years, I just assumed that my craving was genetic. Being Swiss and Italian, some things are just widely accepted like stopping for sweets right after lunch or having bread with pasta to soak up the extra tomato sauce.

Now, dark chocolate is by no means unhealthy. 70% cocoa content or greater has more antioxidant properties than green tea or red wine and is included at the top of Andrew Weil's anti-inflammatory food pyramid. However, I discovered cocoa nibs when I was looking for a way to remove excess sugar from my diet. I found sweet cocoa nibs with a tiny amount of added sugar so I wouldn't go absolutely crazy. I've been opting for these the past month or so and am floored that I was able to break my chocolate addiction!

I was looking for a way to remove excess sugar from my diet.

So why cocoa nibs?

  • They are the bean right from the tree source after it's taken out of it's husk and crushed into smaller pieces

  • They contain antioxidant power greater than other superfoods

  • They act as an anti-inflammatory food

  • They contain minerals like potassium, selenium, zinc, and iron

  • They are a source of magnesium

  • They act as a prebiotic and can feed healthy gut bacteria

And how can you eat them? Just a few ideas to start...

  • Right from the bag, like I do ;)

  • In a trail mix

  • Blended into smoothie

  • Sprinkled over ice cream

  • In your morning oatmeal

I'll definitely still eat chocolate from time to time, however I'm so seasoned to the taste of the cocoa nibs that I think 70% dark chocolate actually tastes milky! If you're a dark chocolate fan or even if you love a daily coffee, you'll get a kick out of the healthy crunch of cocoa nibs. Give them a try next time you go to grab your morning/afternoon pick-me-up!



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