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Aries New Moon Crystals

Are you manifesting during this new moon/waxing crescent phase? Aries new moon is all about forward motion, tenacity, being bold and stepping into your confidence. It's time to bring awareness to all your potential and focus. Check out some crystals that can help you fully embrace your intentions during any of your new moon meditations.

Gray Agate

Gray Agate harmonizes positive and negative forces. It offers strength and protection. Although Aries energies are all for moving forward and diving in "head first" new moon is still a time for calm and reflection.

Picasso Jasper

Picasso Jasper encourages faithfulness to oneself and promotes steadfastness to turning ideas into deeds. Now is the time to embrace your desires and get ready to embark on your dreams.


Hematite is grounding. It promotes determination and focus and dissolves negativity. This moon cycle, put your intentions forth with hope and positivity. Put all that powerful Aries energy to good use!


Labradorite enhances intuition and communication. It brings out the best in people. Also a useful companion through change. Ushering newness into your reality can be complicated. If you need clarity, look no further. It's coming.


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