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8 Crystal Bracelet Mini's Perfect for Stacking

Pile them up on both wrists. They might be mini, but their energy is abundant!

Tourmaline balances energy flow and transmutes negative and dense energies into lighter vibrations.

Dalmatian Jasper encourages cheerfulness and joy.

Fancy Jasper aids quick thinking and stimulates imagination. Reminds people to help each other.

Mookaite Jasper aids in decision making. Powerful protector stone.

Rhodonite brings a sense of self-love, instills confidence and opens one to unconditional love.

Dendritic Agate urges the wearer to remain connected to roots and aligns the chakras when worn for longer periods of time.

Amethyst promotes calm, emotional balance, inner peace and clarity of mind.

Carnelian energizes. Motivates for success in business and other matters. Sharpens concentration and stimulates creativity.

Which ones will you stack together?

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