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7 Essential Crystals

Crystals have been used for ages by people who believe in the various calming and balancing properties they behold. They can be worn as jewelry, held when meditating, placed around your home, etc. There are millions of different colors, shapes, and sizes of crystals and they all hold different meanings for those that use them. Here are 7 beneficial crystals for anyone new to the wonderful world of crystals.

1. Amethyst

calms the mind, transmutes negative environmental energy into love, strengthens the immune system

2. Black Tourmaline

protects against electromagnetic smog and other negative energies

3. Citrine

energizer stone, helps develop positive attitude and success in achieving goals in life

helps to ground and protect the mind, body, and spirit, boosts self-esteem

opens the heart chakra, strengthens relationships, reminds you of your intentions

6. Selenite

brings calm and clarity as well as peace in meditation and physical space

7. Snowflake Obsidian

draws attention to behavioral patterns, encourages valuing both mistakes AND successes


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