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5 Positive Reminders to Keep in your Pocket

We all need a positive reset at times, whether that be a restful sleep, a walk in nature, a hug from a loved one, or some helpful advice. Everyone rejuvenates in his or her own way.

Here are some positive notes of encouragement when you feel like pressing your own personal reset button.

Make wishes and go make them happen.

I've had a little wooden plaque with this saying on it for 3 years and it is still true. You can dream things up but you must take action for them to become a reality. You are in the driver's seat of the taxi (or uber) of your dreams.

It's ok to take what you do seriously, but don't take yourself too seriously that you can't have a good chuckle every so often.

This is what is called being a pro in your life. Own your behavior but remember it's ok to laugh at yourself.

The only comparison you should make is with your past self-that is called progress.

Comparison is the thief of joy. Try measuring up against your own ruler for a change. You'll see how far you've come.

Feel the freedom to do what is natural and dance!

Movement and play are so underrated these days especially for people who spend 8+ hours per day at a desk or in a occupation of repetitive motion. Find time at least once per week to start to break the routine and let the creativity that you might be holding solely in your head and hands flow through the rest of your body.

Let go of attachment to outcomes. Enjoy the journey and trust the process.

By removing attachment to outcomes and expectations, you open yourself up to many amazing possibilities and opportunities that can be much better than what you originally thought would happen. Don't limit yourself.


Are you about to embark on a positivity journey? Making changes in your health? I invite you to schedule a free health discovery consultation with me to find out more about how to transform your life.


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