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#MeditationMonth: Somewhere on a Beach Meditation

What was your first experience with meditation like? Did you fight off distraction like a pro? Did you fall asleep? Could you get your mind off your to-do list? My first experience with meditation was well over 10 years ago and I'm still more often than not, distracted by my circling thoughts when I try to sit and forcefully empty my mind. Let's just face it, to-do list is always on my mind unless all conditions are right. Good news - guided meditation can help with that! Check out this week's meditation.

Find a comfortable position, sitting in a chair with your feet flat on the floor or perhaps lying on your back with your palms open and facing upward.

Take a deep breath in and let it out., closing your eyes when you're ready.

Breathe in, imagining soothing, warm, white light surrounding the crown of your head and with every exhale, envision that crown of light spreading down over your face, head, neck and shoulders, further and further down your body til it reaches your toes.

Warm, white light. Calm like a perfectly serene day by the cool, blue ocean, lying in smooth sands, so soft like silk. Hearing waves ebb and flow as your breathe in and breathe out.

You run your hands through the sands and each minuscule granule comes together to form such soothing texture, you don't mind rolling around in it. Every time you pick it up it slips right back down to the Earth. It is grounded. You are grounded, connected to the energy of the Earth.

After making a few more sand angels, you feel like it's time for a swim. As you stand up and walking to approach the tide, the waves have started to crest and you can feel the delicate splash of the waves being blown toward you by a warm breeze.

Your first steps into the water seem cold, but the further you walk and then swim, you don't seem to mind, you're too distracted by the sudden weightlessness you feel with every passing wave. Bobbing up and down, breathing in and out.

You stay in this moment swimming, bobbing and breathing, each wave washing away something that no longer serves you. Washing away worry. Washing away fear. Washing away stress and anxiety. When you feel that each wave has done its work and you begin to feel lighter and more unencumbered than ever, you decide to return to the shore, swimming back a short distance to your spot in the sand.

Feeling connected to Earth and the universe, supported by peaceful loving energies there to protect and watch over you whenever you need them and as you breathe in and out, awakening your body - hands, feet, face and eyes to this present moment. Still breathing in and out connected and calm.


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