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40 Things You Can Give Up For Lent

That aren't chocolate or meat eating.

Ash Wednesday ushers in the start to the Lenten season for many. It's as good a time as any to reflect and re-evaluate, but what makes it a good time to "give something up" (other than for religious reasons) is that it's a set time period that you can easily measure your progress against. 40 days. Just over a month. Sounds doable, right?

At a loss for ideas what to give up? Try focusing on what you CAN do vs. what you CAN'T. Try breaking bad habits by replacing them with good habits. Try something a little unconventional...

40 Things You Should Try Giving Up for Lent

1. Playing it small

2. Comparing yourself to others

3. Single-use plastics

4. Procrastination

5. Self-blame

6. Mindlessly scrolling

7. Worrying about what others think

8. Being hard on yourself

9. Using electronics before 8am and after 8pm

10. Skipping meditation

11. Chemicals in body products

12. Forcing yourself to do things you don't want to do

13. Putting off your to-do list

14. Buying books and magazines you'll never read

15. Neglecting self-care

16. Making excuses

17. Saying "when _______ , I'll be happy"

18. Wearing the same clothes over and over out of laziness

19. Being afraid to leave "the stoop" (Stoop Kid's afraid to leave the stoop...)

20. FOMO

21. Making empty promises

22. Treating people in ways you would NOT want to be treated

23. Forgetting to stretch after a workout

24. Being afraid to travel solo

25. Ignoring how to feel

26. Underestimating your worth

27. Feeling guilty about sleeping in

28. Sweating the small stuff

29. Thinking it's too late to learn something new

30. Trying to move mountains when you're exhausted

31. Trying to blend in with the crowd

32. Thinking you don't deserve better

33. Letting others squash your confidence

34. Over-thinking things

35. Seeking validation from others

36. Being a party to toxic energy

37. Feeling powerless

38. Letting people take advantage

39. Thinking you are the only one

40. Giving up on your dreams

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