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What do Jimmy Fallon and I have in common?

Well we've got the same sun sign (Virgo). But we both, apparently, got GERD symptoms.

Instead of watching cat videos on YouTube, a healthy dose of The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon always does the trick to get me out of a sour mood, and when I saw the latest edition of Jimmy's "Thank You Notes," I could not believe how relatable the conversation about acid reflux was.

Acid reflux (or the less cool name, GERD), is no joke! ;) From symptoms like burping and upset stomach to chest pain and chronic cough, many people don't even realize what is the culprit of their recurring symptoms. Even worse, they'll go to the doctor only to be prescribed acid-reducing medications, which limit the production of stomach acids so much that you're left vulnerable to pathogens like C. Diff. We do need some stomach acids to protect against invaders like these but overactive stomach acids trigger horrible inflammation especially in the esophagus (ground zero for GERD).

So what is a good solution to resolve symptoms of acid reflux without taking a medication that could potentially cause even more digestive distress?

A reflux warrior for at least 5 years now, I've dealt with the range of on and off symptoms by maintaining a healthy diet and using these 2 remedies:

  1. Balance pH. There are many different ways to maintaining a healthy pH balance in your body and you can read more about pH here, but one of the easiest things to do to create a less acidic environment in your digestive system is to drink warm water with lemon. Lemon's alkalizing effect when metabolized by the body will work to reduce some of the excess acid produced.

  2. Supplement with Aloe Vera Juice. Taking aloe vera juice at least once a day during a reflux flare up soothes symptoms and even works to repair the lining of the esophagus. If you have even some of the symptoms of acid reflux, it doesn't take long to start to see improvements when taken daily 30 minutes before a meal. Researchers say that aloe vera tackles symptoms more efficiently than prescribed proton-pump inhibitors and antacids.


Looking for some more tips on nutrition and supplementation? Want accountability maintaining dietary changes? Subscribe and claim your initial consultation for my coaching program.

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Mary Blackburn
Mary Blackburn
Mar 26, 2019

Because of misinformation over a 25 year period of Celiac disease, I ended up with GERD and the beginnings of Barrett's Esophagus. I was put on proton pump inhibitors, ie; Omeprizole (Prilosec) 40mg a day. After 3 years I got off using natural products and essential oils. PPI's are so dangerous. From brittle bones to a higher risk of heart disease. I have been off of them for 5 years and feel fantastic!

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