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Sticking to Your Exercise Goals with a Home Practice

I don’t always make it to the gym when I say I will. Proof: years of saying I’ll go after work or school and then being too tired, lazy, stuck in traffic, or busy with “other” things I needed to do.

It’s never been my “resolution” or goal to exercise in the new year, but I think this quick bit of advice will be super helpful to all the newly anointed “gym rats” of resolution season: have a back up plan.

Use all your best intentions/plans/iCal schedules to make it to the gym, but start developing a plan for a home-practice. This is the #1 best way to stick to any exercise-related resolutions.

As soon as the post-holiday motivation clears, there will be times (trust me) when life outside the gym just gets in the way of your exercise goals. Any and all roadblocks to gym-harmony can arise and may include any of the following:

  • Snowstorms/bad weather - don't risk it, most common February through April in New England

  • FOGO - (or fear of going out), for introverts the primary reason to just forget any and all plans and just wrap up on the couch with your warm beverage of choice (especially on weekends)

  • Overcrowding at the gym - hey, it's January and it happens. I've had to fight for parking spots and treadmills at the gym like it's Black Friday at the shopping mall

  • Work burnout - probably more of a reason to actually exercise in the first place, but don't push yourself to extremes when what you really need is rest

Over the years, I’ve switched up my home practice, but right now, my favorite is yoga. I’m able to adapt my routine to how I’m feeling or what I’ve been through during the day to be able to readjust, reinvigorate, or rest. I can develop my own routine whether there's 3 feet of snow outside or I just have a case of FOGO.

What makes my home practice even better, is my new yoga mat from Kurma Yoga. It took me way too long to decide on the color green (thanks to Kurma’s customer service team for their patience and advice), but I love how it cheers me up on even the gloomiest of days. Kurma's yoga mats are made from Oekotex certified materials so you can get a “grip” on your feelings over unhealthy mats, and come in an extra long length for those with longer limbs.


Want more? Need help staying on track this year with your ambitions? Claim your free initial coaching consultation in which we’ll discuss how you can stay on track (and maybe even ahead of schedule) throughout this January and all the way to next year's New Year's resolutions.


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