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Calling all health coaches, trainers and wellness experts!
We all have our favorites when it comes to nutrition books, recipes, clean beauty products, modes of exercise, essential oil DIYs... the list goes on and on.
How great would it be to share those in a collective space with a wide (and motivated) audience?
Introducing... Practitioner Perspectives, a new community guest post blog series hosted by PURE Wellness by Ciara. 
This type of guest posting features several qualified practitioners in a single blog post who share their favorite wellness tips and, of course, contains link backs to each's respective websites or social media.  
To capture our readers' attention I'm only looking for a small exclusive number of participants with unique perspectives in each installment of the series.  Read on to see what this month's topic is!  

Who’d like to join me in cooking up a virtual holiday meal?


As wellness practitioners, we all know how difficult it can be for clients (and ourselves too) during the holidays when you’ve resolved to eat healthy and clean and then BOOM – your relatives that you see once, maybe twice, a year are suddenly inviting you over and you’re possibly feeling pressured to eat whatever it is that they’re cooking.


Or maybe, you’re lucky/unlucky enough to be doing the cooking this year and you have to re-work all those traditional holiday recipes to A) align with your new healthstyle and B) satisfy your family.


I’d love to feature you and your holiday recipes in a special holiday edition of the Practitioner Perspectives blog.  


Recipes categories that still need to be filled (and to spark your creativity):

Vegetable and starch side dishes

Appetizer ideas


Breads (savory and sweet)


Holiday-themed drinks


As per usual with the Practitioner Perspectives posts, every entry that is featured will contain a link back to the owner’s website and/or social media.  (I will also ask that you promote the blog on your channels.   I will provide images and copy for you to use).


Entries are due by November 19that 11:59pm EDT to be considered for the blog feature.  

Submit your entry for the upcoming post using the form below and I'll get back to you to let you know you've been included and when to share the post with your audience!     
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Holiday Recipes

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