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Healthy Travel Hacks

It's a great feeling to consistently take care of yourself and eat healthy, but for those of us that typically maintain a lifestyle of clean eating and physical fitness, traveling or going on vacation can be a disruption of the norm or an opportunity to go completely off the rails.

I thought I'd take a quick minute to share some of my top tips to help you stay on track during your next travel holiday.

Drink plenty of water.

Maintain or increase your water intake to combat jet lag and dry/stale air in planes. Adjust your hydration in dry climates - don't wait til you sit down for a meal to drink, have water handy wherever you go!

Stay active.

We have a tendency to relax a little more and drop our fitness routines when on vacation. No need to start rolling out a yoga mat in your hotel or scope out the resort fitness center (but if either of those are what keep you happy, go right ahead). Take walks and remember to stretch.

Bring snacks.

Pass on the plane food and airport junk. Pack some healthful protein-filled snacks like homemade trail mix to help you keep your energy up through delays, layovers, and long days of hitting the pavement sightseeing. A little dark chocolate or cacao nibs naturally-filled with antioxidants never hurt too!


Take basic supplements like vitamin C and D3 to support your immune system. I simply drink water with lemon when I'm feeling the need for a boost. It might even be a good idea to take magnesium if you're feeling particularly stressed.


Take naps when you can. You don't want to sleep your vacation away, of course, but taking care that you're supporting your circadian rhythm especially when you've changed time zones.

Plan meals.

Research restaurants ahead of time to find clean eats and make friends with local sandwich shops and salad bars. Not only will this save you time sitting in restaurants waiting for food, but it will help you avoid an overdose of heavily salted and processed foods.

What are some of your favorite healthy travel tips? Let's continue the conversation over on instagram!


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